Casual Coastal Wear & Accessories for water lovers that inspires, creates awareness & encourages conversation.



Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I was always surrounded by new ideas, new products, designs, artwork and lots of activity!  My mom and I started a business together that sold jewelry & gift items all over the world. Together we designed custom products for companies like Disney, Hallmark and Avon.  After thirty years of entrepreneurship, I took a break from this industry.  I soon realized that I REALLY missed the jewelry and gift industry. I had been working on a concept for a lifestyle brand and the timing seemed right.

I grew up spending summers at the beach, my children grew up doing the same and now my grandchildren will enjoy summers there too! The inspiration for this site and brand was born out of a love of all things to do with the water, to create something I believe in and that could at the same time inspire others.  

It is important to protect what you love. So while I wanted our product to convey a sense of fun, adventure and remind us of how we feel when we are by, on or in the water. I wanted to make sure that this company would be making a positive difference and inspiring others to make a positive difference, make a change, and challenge themselves. Water is vital to our existence and all other life on our planet so I chose 3 non-profits that I feel passionate about, that we as a company will support. Our logo is symbolic of all that water symbolizes and the challenge to “Make Waves”! You will frequently see this reminder on our products.

Giving back was a tradition that started with our family business all those years ago and it’s a tradition I value and will carry on with Live by Water, Make Waves.  One of my favorite sayings and one that you will find on our products is, “Don’t just ride the waves, be the force behind the waves”. You can read about the non-profits that we support on "OUR WHY" page.