How it all Started

I am from a family of entrepreneurs. Growing up I was always surrounded by new ideas, new products, designs, artwork and lots of activity! My mom started many a successful business and she put me to work early. I learned so much from watching her and working with her.  Years later we started businesses together. Our first was retail stores and the second grew out of the retail stores from a product that we developed based on an idea my mom had. My Dad worked for UPS and my Step-Dad worked in banking. I was lucky enough to have both of them retire and come work at our company, they brought so much needed expertise in managing, shipping and finance. Yes, I know it was kind of strange but lucky for us they all got along great and taught me so much. We went from being retailers to manufacturers of jewelry and small gift items for the gift industry.  We sold all over the world and designed custom product for companies like Disney, Hallmark and Avon. Our products could be found in almost any kind of store from a small mom & pop to a specialty boutique and a large chain store.  After almost 30 years in business we decided to close the business. I went on to work for a start up that was way out of my comfort zone. They needed someone to help develop their start-up business, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  What was I thinking! But with a background in designing, manufacturing and running a small business it seemed like a good fit, a challenge but one I was excited to take on.  So I tackled it, re-designing the product and helping to grow the business to the point that the company was bought out. I am proud of what I accomplished there but I REALLY missed the jewelry and gift industry and had been working on an idea for a new business for quite some time. This seemed like the perfect time to bring those ideas to life and I am so excited to get to share them with all of you.



The inspiration for this site and brand was born out of a love of all things to do with the water, to create something I believe in and that could at the same time inspire others.  I grew up spending summers at the beach, my children grew up doing the same and I hope that my grandchildren will enjoy summers there too!  I believe in the power of water as a source of inspiration, healing, restorative powers and it’s soothing effect. It is forever changing, moving, it is powerful and mysterious.  The challenge to create a brand that would translate the importance of water in our lives, the memories that we create when we are by it, whether it is ocean, lake, river or pool and incorporate that with the inspiration to make a difference led to the creation of LIVE BY WATER, MAKE WAVES. While the significance of the message our brand has is extremely important to me. I wanted our product to also convey a sense of fun, delight and make you feel good when you are using or wearing it and when you can’t be by the water to remind you of how you feel when you are.  Wow that is a lot of expectations to put on a brand but I have high hopes for this company and hope that if we do a good job at it we will earn your support.


Business Model

While we design and make a lot of our product that you will see on the site, there are so many other wonderful businesses out there we wanted to be sure to find and share these discoveries with you. I believe in working with local vendors & companies, whenever possible, purchasing from companies that make product that is high quality, handmade, ecofriendly, made in USA, Women owned and companies that promote social good.  Equally, as important, is developing long-term relationships with our customers, vendors & suppliers, as well, as treating all with respect.

Giving back was a tradition that started with our family business and it’s a tradition I value and am carrying on with Live by Water, Make Waves.  My favorite saying that you will find on many of our products is, “Don’t just ride the waves be the force behind the waves”. I want our brand to inspire others to “Make Waves”, make a difference, make a change, and challenge themselves. Our logo is symbolic of all that water symbolizes and the challenge to “Make Waves”! You will frequently see this reminder on our products.

If you love the water and like to be inspired, have fun, make memories, be surrounded by things that remind you of the water, make a difference in others lives, be challenged (no matter your age) our product is for you!