what we support



Giving back is a tradition that was always a part of our family business (more info on that in the ABOUT section) and it's a tradition that I value and am carrying on with LIVE BY WATER, MAKE WAVES. My favorite saying, which you will find on our products, is "Don't just ride the waves, be the force behind the waves". My hope is that our brand will inspire others to "Make Waves", make a difference, make a change and challenge themselves.



Making a difference can be done in so many ways. As a company we've made a commitment to make a difference and hopefully along the way inspire others to do so. Feeding America, Habitat for Humanities and St Judes are a couple of my favorite organizations that I have supported over the years. I will continue to support these both personally and through our company. As a company we will also be supporting Water.org, The Ocean Conservancy and The Sea Turtle Conservancy in keeping with our belief that we LIVE BY WATER. Donations to The Sea Turtle Conservancy will be based on the sales of our "Kelsey" Save the Turtles T-shirt and Baseball Cap. 



We believe that everyone can make a difference, even just one small action can effect change. Think about a pebble dropped into the water and how that action can create a ripple that is widely felt, make a wave and see how far it travels!



"A small ripple can become a big wave"