Mermaid Strength Bracelet

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This bracelet is made to remind you that you have the Strength of a Mermaid, or two. Mermaids are pretty fascinating creatures. Whether legend or not we love to love a mermaid. They are powerful and are known to have super “human” strength when needed.

We made this bracelet with the coolest handcrafted mermaid beads from Peru. 2 of them to remind you of your strength surrounded by amazonite beads, accented with sea jasper. Lastly a feature bead made from ancient roman glass, each one unique. Fiinished with our hand stamped logo charm.

Stretch bracelet. Comes in a gift bag with our Live by Water logo hand stamped on it, packaged in a Kraft bag printed with saying & description of the bracelet and tied with a ribbon.

Handmade by us! Comes in 2 sizes 7.0" and 7.5" If you need another size please contact us.